Ready To Make Some Massive Progress?

A Website VIP Day gives you my full, undivided attention where we focus on your website project and getting your tech tasks checked off your to-do list.

"Cory was a dream to work with. She’s VERY quick, communicative, clear, and efficient. I brought her into a last minute project and she made it all happen seamlessly, cheerfully, and with ease. Highly recommend her work!"
Carrie Hamm - Rare Alchemy
Carrie Hamm
Business Strategist and Intuitive Coach
Strong empowered women build strong empowered websites

Who is a Website VIP Day for?

  • You’re a successful (or will be soon!) female entrepreneur with a strong understanding of what you do and who you do it for.
  • Your website is feeling a little stale and/or you’re not getting much action from your website (is your ideal client even finding your website?!)
  • You have a clear branding identity, including a logo, fonts, and colors (or maybe this is what you would like to focus on during your design day).
  • You have a punch list of tech tasks that you would love some help with.
  • You would like to avoid a long drawn-out process of back and forths with your designer – you need to get things done ASAP.
  • You are tired of figuring out *all the tech* in your business and you need someone to come in and get things set up properly.

What can we really get done in a day?

With a little prep work and planning, we can make some massive progress in just one day!

Web Design Intensive: using your copy, branding, and photos, I can re-design, refresh or create a brand new website with a strategic design (2-3 pages in a day, 4-6 pages in two days).

Brand Design Intensive: a simple logo suite, color and font selections, icons, brand style guide and graphic templates.

Punch List of Tasks: let’s me tackle your tech to-do list, such as hosting migration, website tweaks and updates, setting up workflow tools such as Acuity Scheduling or an email CRM (e.g. MailerLite or ActiveCampaign) to your website to help automate your processes and client onboarding.

Cory Ruedebusch | Web Design for Women | Meadowlark Consulting

Not sure if a VIP Day is right for you? Book a 30-minute call and we can discuss your specific needs.

What's Included in a Website VIP Day?

  • An entire day dedicated to you and your project (and honestly, I prefer breaking it into two half-day chunks less than a week apart – feel free to reach out about this option)
  • Pre-Intensive Strategy Call (1 hour)
  • Access to an in-depth guide to help with your copy, branding, and overall strategy
  • 30 days of Post Intensive email support (for questions/tech issues)

Investment: $4000 (full day)

"Cory is everything you want a web designer to be. She is professional, communicative, and transparent. I can't imagine how our work together could have been any easier. I had some beautiful new website copy that I needed added to my website, along with 2 new pages that I needed a web designer to create for me. I received Cory's name as a referral from my copywriter. I reached out and we decided a VIP day would be the best package for me. Cory spent 8 hours over 2 days making updates and checking in with me for feedback. After everything was finished, she offered 30 days of support in case I noticed anything that I wanted to change. That gave me time to share with some trusted advisors to get their feedback. I also really appreciated Cory pointing out small changes I could make to my website to improve SEO and make the site easier to navigate. I would not hesitate to recommend Cory to others looking for a strategic web designer."
Emily Crookston Ghostwriter
Emily Crookston

How does it work?

Step 1

Step 1

Choose a date for your Intensive, keeping in mind you will have 1-2 weeks of pre-work to complete before we can work together. 

You will need to be virtually available during your intensive, so don’t choose a date that will have a lot of meetings or appointments.

Secure your spot with a 50% deposit or pay in full.

Step 2

Step 2

Once you’ve booked your date, you will receive your VIP Day welcome email and access to my training and strategy guide. You will want to make sure to complete all pre-work before our day together so I can be as efficient as possible getting started on your project.

About a week before your intensive we will schedule a 60 minute strategy call to go over the completed pre-work and create a plan for your day.

Step 3

Step 3

During your day, I’ll get started bright and early on your project and we’ll communicate via a messaging app to collaborate as I work through the design.

We will not be on Zoom during your day but I do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions. I’ll keep you updated on progress throughout the day and at the end hand over all of our completed work!

Step 4

Step 4

Once we’ve completed our day together, you will have 30 days of follow up support so you can reach out if you find yourself confused or stuck on anything related to the work we accomplished. I’ll provide feedback to you or a video training so you are confident in the next steps!

It’s important to note, when you book a VIP Day, you’re booking me for the time, not a set of deliverables. But the beauty of the Intensive is its efficiency. I am good at what I do and I’ve created a streamlined and efficient system that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Results are heavily dependent on the Client having ALL pre-work completed before the intensive starts and is available to provide feedback quickly during the intensive.

Not sure if a VIP Day is right for you? Book a 30-minute call and we can discuss your specific needs.

done is better than perfect in scrabble pieces - taking action in a website VIP day will take your business to the next level - take that messy action!