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Women to Watch: Interviews with Women Building Their Businesses with Love, Compassion, and Rockstar Skills.

Becoming an entrepreneur in midlife has been a fascinating experience and a confounding one as well – why am I just now learning about this amazing opportunity? Why did it never before occur to me to start a business? Why did I doubt myself and think I had nothing interesting to offer the world? Do other people feel this way at first? Why aren’t more women celebrated and acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments? I am excited to tell you some stories from some incredible women I’ve met on my journey. Each has a unique story about why they started their business, what impact they hope to have on the world, and what they’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here!

Priscilla Hanley | Pristine Soul Healing LLC | Reiki and forgiveness and transformation coaching

Pristine Soul Healing: Priscilla Hanley’s Mission to Empower and Heal

I enjoyed meeting Priscilla Hanley this week. Priscilla started her journey into entrepreneurship by becoming a reiki master in 2021. She has recently evolved her business by incorporating forgiveness and transformation coaching into her powerful healing practice. She also has a great podcast where she shares inspiring stories of resiliency.

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Kristi Mitchell of Marketing Uncomplicated | Women to Watch Blog Post | Meadowlark Consulting

Kristi Mitchell: Marketing Strategist Extraordinaire

I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Kristi Mitchell. She’s not your typical marketing guru – she’s a generalist with a knack for connecting the marketing dots. Kristi shares her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges of being a jack-of-all-trades in marketing, how she found her sweet spot, and why coaches

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Angela Acosta: Photography for Powerful Growth

Angela Atelier: Photography for Powerful Growth

Angela Acosta is a portrait and personal branding photographer in the New York City area. She helps women change how they see themselves through the power of photography. She empowers them to focus on the importance of their journey, not perfection or self-judgment, and to live their best life. She

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CEO and CMO of FreeTime Solutions

A Business Evolution – The Dynamic Duo Behind Freetime Solutions

Charlie Hoffman and Heather Ross are the powerhouse duo behind Women in Leadership: Body, Soul, Mind and Business. They have recently partnered with John Rollins to create a new business called Freetime Solutions, which offers a wide variety of marketing services to help businesses flourish. These gals are social media

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Deanna Nowadnick, Speaker and Author

Author Inspires Women to Tell Their Stories

Deanna Nowadnick is an author and speaker who inspires, encourages, and empowers women to tell their stories. We met at a fabulous local networking group (shout out to FAVE) and I was immediately drawn to Deanna’s kind and welcoming presence. I was thrilled when she hired me to update her

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Sandy Stamato Limb Dweller Coaching and Sage Selling

Bringing the Sage into Your Sales

I met Sandy Stamato on Alignable last year and we became fast friends. We’ve witnessed each other’s businesses blooming and supported each other through various other life changes along the way. Sandy is an amazing coach who uses the power of Positive Intelligence™ to bring about fascinating mindset shifts in

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Laura Wagenknecht from Mosaic Business Consulting, LLC

Helping Women and Minority Biz Owners Start, Scale, and Sell

Laura Wagenknecht of Mosaic Business Consulting is a powerful leader in her space. Her focus is on helping women and minority business owners start, scale, and sell their businesses in a way that is efficient and effective. She has been an unofficial cheerleader and mentor to me this past year

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Britt Chemla Jones | Reiki Meditation & Yoga

Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing in a New Online Home

Britt Chemla Jones is passionate about sharing how yoga, meditation and reiki energy healing can be fun and accessible to everyone. She is also a beautiful soul who entered my life at exactly the right time. AND she’s the first web design client that I’ve featured on Women to Watch.

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Kirsten Beske Coaching

Ready for More Purpose and Impact in Your Next Chapter?

Kirsten Beske is in an amazing networking/mastermind group with me (if you’re looking for one, definitely check out Accelerated Business Alliance!). She is a Life Redesign Coach for mid-career women ready for more purpose and impact In the next chapter of life. I’ve loved getting to know Kirsten and her

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Jennifer Glover-Keller

Productivity Consulting with a Holistic Touch

Jennifer Glover-Keller is an organizing and productivity coach with a holistic approach. She works with busy professionals to implement the systems, structure, and support they need to lead successful businesses and to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Her services range from professional organizing, digital systematizing and automations, as well as

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Cory Ruedebusch | Web Design for Women | Meadowlark Consulting

Hi, I'm Cory

I am a web designer, tech consultant, and mid-life entrepreneur. I am passionate about lifting the voice, the impact, and the economic level of women entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Unless I tell you otherwise, these amazing women are not my clients! They are people I’ve met on my journey as I grow and evolve as a business owner. These women are bringing their expertise and passion bravely into the world, unapologetically showing up, doing the work, and living into their purpose while being their authentic selves. I hope you find some inspiration here. I know I have.

If you’re a small business owner or online service provider, now is your time to shine! Together we can elevate your online presence to be a magnet for your ideal clients. I’d absolutely love to learn more about you and your business. Want to grab a virtual coffee?

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