Web Design for Women Entrpreneurs

Strategic web design that empowers you to manifest your vision of what you are here to create and the lives you are meant to touch.

Are you ready to collaborate on a strategic conversion-focused website and you want to work with someone who can guide you every step of the way?

When you work with me, we're not just building a website — we're going to do a business deep dive. I make sure I have a solid understanding of where you're at and where you want to go, and together we create an action plan to get to Next Level you...

AND we collaborate on a website that you are super proud of — one that reflects exactly who you are, what makes you unique, how you help your people, and convinces visitors they want to learn more about you and your business and convert into paying clients.

A One-Woman Design Shop

Do you need a strategic website? branding? copywriting? ongoing maintenance? marketing advice? SEO support?

I got you!




Highlights of My Web Design Process:

Project Planner so we can document your business needs and keep track of our website project.

Kickoff Call so you can understand the process, set up expectations, schedule, and timelines.

1:1 Strategy Intensive so that in one deep-dive session, we can really explore all aspects of your current business, where you want to go, and the best way to get there.

Custom Branding Package with your input, personality, style, and visual tone.

Copywriting Package so that you can showcase how amazing you, your business, and your offers really are and build trust with a cohesive and clear brand voice.

Custom Website with complete WordPress setup (including mobile optimization, security, backups, Google Site Kit, SEO, GDPR, cookies, SSL).

Four Weekly or Bi-weekly Meetings to make sure we’re both on track with our goals and vision for your site.

Launch, Train, and Support (including a Quality Assurance & Maintenance Period) so that you’re empowered and live with a fantastic and functional website.

"Cory is a true professional! She understands not only web design but also how to set up a site in such a way that potential customers stick around and want to know more/buy. I'd heard about things like "calls to action" and "tapping into their pain" but I never really understood how to translate that into a site. She's patient, and responsive, and explains things so that someone without a tech background understands. When she doesn't know something, she admits it, and she either figures it out, or she refers you to someone equally awesome! In the month my site has been up, I've had more sales than I had in the previous 18 months, and lots of positive comments from clients. Including one yesterday, the client stated "those pictures on your site, they reflect your personality exactly!" Cory understands how to take your unique personality and style, and reflect that on the site, so that potential leads immediately develop the "know, like & trust" factor that leads to sales. That's a rare talent - to have all of the above: technical, design, and marketing skills. She's easy to talk to and fun to work with, as well. You will not be sorry for hiring Cory!"
Cory Ruedebusch | Web Design for Women | Meadowlark Consulting

Hey! I'm Cory!

I’m so excited about creating websites that empower my clients to build their businesses in ways they had only dreamed of. Websites that align with their personality and the transformation they make possible for their clients. Websites that highlight their expertise and professionalism. I want you to see what is truly possible for your business and your clients.

I’m all about growing confidence, empowering change and transformation. I’ve experienced it, and am excited about helping others achieve it. I’m also very excited about those amazing people who make transformation their life’s work. I’m passionate about empowering women to value their potential and going after their dreams.

I’m also very focused, organized and dependable. I am an expert in figuring out what my clients need and surpassing their expectations.

If you value kind and caring conversations about your business, strategic possibilities and solutions, as well as dependable and responsive communication and want to feel absolutely taken care of, then I’d love to learn more about you and your project.