Val Jones - Motivational Speaker & Peak Performance Coach

She’s Making Sure your 50’s are on FIRE

I’ve been a little obsessed with the stats about women and sports. Did you know 94% of C-suite female leaders were athletes at some point in their lives? And 65% of Fortune’s most powerful women played sports in high school or college? Women with experience in competitive sports become strong leaders in their communities and their businesses. Val Jones is one such woman – a former competitive figure skater, professional speaker, team training expert & coach, she has now found her passion in helping women thrive in midlife. She is warm and down to earth and you should check her out! You can find her on Facebook and on TikTok.

First things first – what would your walk-on-stage music be?

The Champion by Carrie Underwood. Yes, yes I have tweeted her telling her that one day she will be singing this song as I come on stage. I’m a dork!

When did you start your business, and why did you create it?

I started professionally speaking in 2018. But after Covid hit in 2020, I decided to pivot my business and have been working to set up 50s on Fire retreats for women in midlife. 

Tell us about your business and what makes you unique in your field.

I coach women in midlife to find their desire in the fire. Life isn’t over when you are 50 or when the kids leave. I use the habits and mindset training that I have used for my peak performance coaching to these women who are designing or redesigning their life. There is no reason that the rest of life can’t be the best of life. 

What do you feel makes your audience special?

I want my audience to feel like they are in the story with me, that they can see themselves in the story. And if I can make them laugh or cry, that is a bonus. But laughter through tears, that is the ultimate goal!

If you could magically give all of your community members one thing in this world, what would it be, and why? 

Courage. It takes courage to build a life that is regret-proof. Courage to fail and get up and go again. Courage to not know how and still do it anyway. 

Did you create your own website or hire it out? Do you use WordPress?

My first website, my husband did for me. My new website, I’m hiring out.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

Expect to fail. I know that isn’t popular in our culture. But anything worthwhile is going to take many iterations. And if you can switch your thinking to it isn’t failure – it is FEEDBACK – you will bounce back so much quicker. I would even go so far to say that failure isn’t PART of the process, it IS the process. Embrace it.

If you could go back in time and do something differently, what would you do and why? 

I would have hired a coach much sooner than I did. I thought I could do it on my own. Having a coach has shortened my learning curve.

Do you have an email list? If so, did you start it when you launched? 

 I do, or I did. Switching my business model has meant switching my ideal client avatar. As a keynote speaker only, my ICA was meeting planners. As a midlife coach, my ICA is now women who are in midlife. So, yep, starting over!

Is this your only job? Did you launch your business while working another job?

This is my only job.

How do you promote your site?

I am on social media constantly. Not necessarily surfing, but posting. And watching what others in my niche are doing. 

Who are your favorite bloggers or podcasts right now? Or what is an influential book that you’ve read lately? 

My top three of all time have to be Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Rachel Hollis. But I also like the podcasts Team Never Quit and Jocko Willink.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If I could impress upon people three things it would be this:

1. You are not what happens to you in life. It is an event, not a description.

2. There are only two things you get to control in life – your attitude and work ethic. That’s it.

3. Never quit. Never be out of the fight. Life will try and knock you down or knock you out. Get up. Come out of your corner ready to fight another round.

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