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Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing in a New Online Home

Britt Chemla Jones is passionate about sharing how yoga, meditation and reiki energy healing can be fun and accessible to everyone. She is also a beautiful soul who entered my life at exactly the right time. AND she’s the first web design client that I’ve featured on Women to Watch. She is the definition of my ideal client, a passionate and driven entrepreneur who is bringing light and love into the world. She is an amazing collaborative partner who brought her unique touch and brilliance into the project as we brought her vision for her website to life. I’ve learned so much from Britt too in the past year and we continue to support each other in a variety of ways. You can learn more about Britt at her website She is also fantastic on her social platforms, especially Facebook and TikTok!

First things first – what would your walk-on-stage music be?

Oh no! You’re asking me to be controversial right off the bat?! Ok, here goes: I realize this is going to sound weird to lots of people, but truth is I prefer silence to music. I was probably a monk in a past life!

When did you start your business, and why did you create it?

I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and doing energy healing for about 10 years. But I’ve always done this work in person, in real life. I decided to move my business to the online world 2 years ago.

Tell us about your business and what makes you unique in your field.

I believe that everything is energy. And so whether you’re moving your body or enjoying a moment of stillness, it’s all about balancing your energetic centers (called chakras) and moving energy in and out of your auric field. We all do this every day, generally without awareness. But you can learn to direct your energy consciously and intentionally, for example by practicing a yoga pose, doing a walking meditation, sitting in mindfulness, or experiencing Reiki healing. And this awareness leads to greater familiarity with your spiritual dimension and therefore a greater sense of peace and purpose.

What do you feel makes your audience special?

I love my clients so much! They are awakening to their spiritual identity. They have come to the realization that there’s more to life than what our five senses can perceive and they come to me because they want to find out more. They want to banish pain and feel good in their body. They want to feel calm and peaceful in their mind. They want to tune into their spiritual dimension and discover where they are on their spiritual path.

If you could magically give all of your community members one thing in this world, what would it be, and why? 

Powerful spiritual lessons can happen in times of great joy and happiness. Too many people believe that spiritual growth only happens through pain and suffering and that’s simply not true. When you’re in tune with Universal love, you learn to evolve spiritually through abundance and blessings.

Has anything surprised you about starting a business?

This shouldn’t surprise me anymore but it still does: how easily and seamlessly my teachings and healings work in the online world! I love teaching yoga and meditation online because I get to work with my clients while they are at home. They feel comfortable being in their own space and they can then more easily incorporate new knowledge into their daily life. I’m a Reiki Master and Reiki is a type of energy healing that was always designed to work at a distance, but it still amazes me how well it works online. Several times it’s happened that a client and I both have the exact same vision at the exact same time, even if we’re separated by thousands of miles!

Why did you decide to hire out your website?

Years ago, I had created a little website but it was basically just a list of my local weekly yoga classes and ways to connect with me through email and social media. When I decided to move my business online, I knew it was time to hire a professional web designer to create a highly functional website that would be easy to navigate and that would feel authentically like myself.

What were your thoughts or beliefs about hiring a web designer before you hired me?

I worried that a web designer wouldn’t understand what I do and would try to make me fit into a mold that didn’t work for me. I wanted my website to represent both beautiful peaceful energy and simplicity, because tuning into your spiritual dimension should be both beautiful and simple. Thankfully, you totally nailed it!

What is now possible for you and your business with your new website?

I love my website so much! And I’m so proud of it! I never hesitate to share it with anyone.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about investing in a larger web design project for their business?

Before you begin, it’s helpful to have a clear idea in your mind of what you like and what you don’t like. You might also take a little time to draft some copy, just so you know what you want to say. And if you’re going to be using photos of yourself, make sure to schedule a photo shoot before you and your designer start working on your website.

What is your marketing strategy? How do you promote your site?

I promote on social media and to my email list.

Who are your favorite bloggers or podcasts right now? Or what is an influential book that you’ve read lately? 

I read really dense and geeky yoga and meditation books!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

There is great growth and beauty in incorporating your spiritual work into your daily life. My husband and I have been together for 24 years and we have two sons, 20 and 15. Over the years, my spiritual practice has morphed and evolved but I’ve always consciously blended this part of myself into my identities as a wife and mother. I’ve created a little sacred space in a corner of our basement and I’ve taught my family to give me the space and time to practice my yoga, meditation and energy work. Ultimately it is to their benefit, because my spiritual work gives me patience, compassion and a joyful heart. When you see all your relationships as being sacred, you no longer feel guilty for taking time for your own growth because your purpose is to accompany them along their spiritual paths. I love this quote from Ram Dass (who incidentally was my teacher’s teacher): “We are all just walking each other home.”

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