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Women to Watch: Interviews with Women Building Their Businesses with Love, Compassion, and Rockstar Skills.

Becoming an entrepreneur in midlife has been a fascinating experience and a confounding one as well – why am I just now learning about this amazing opportunity? Why did it never before occur to me to start a business? Why did I doubt myself and think I had nothing interesting to offer the world? Do other people feel this way at first? Why aren’t more women celebrated and acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments? I am excited to tell you some stories from some incredible women I’ve met on my journey. Each has a unique story about why they started their business, what impact they hope to have on the world, and what they’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here!

Cory Ruedebusch from Meadowlark Consulting

Please Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

TLDR: Hi! My name is Cory Ruedebusch (formerly Cory Peterson) and I own Meadowlark Consulting, a one-woman web design shop with a mission to empower more and more women to be financially abundant, successful, and full of fire and passion for this one amazing life we’re here to lead. Hey

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Gavriella Abekassis founder of the Artist Entrepreneur Club

Helping Artists Become Entrepreneurs

Gavriella Abekassis is a fabulous French artist/entrepreneur who loves helping other artists sell their artwork online. She invited me to be a guest presenter for her fantastic membership club called the Artist Entrepreneur Club, and I had so much fun meeting so many great artists from around the world, while

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Kylie Clark from Frazzled to Freedom

Ready to go from Frazzled to Freedom?

Kylie Clark is the founder of Frazzled to Freedom, a business that helps small online businesses and coaches find more time and financial freedom. Her focus is on designing your business around your life, not the other way around. She has this amazing 4-week program that culminates in a 12-month

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Rachael Botfield Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager Queen

Rachael Botfield helps women make their podcasting dreams come true. She has a fantastic podcast where she teaches the basics of starting a podcast and all the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way, and also provides a service as a Podcast Manager for busy entrepreneurs who are ready

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Jennifer Major Business and Life Coach

Let’s Get Organized

Jennifer Major is a coach, mentor, and speaker at Cultivating You. She helps women get organized, get confident, and develop better time management skills while building the life and business they deserve. When I first met Jennifer I thought she was all about decluttering and making things pretty (which she’s

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Lillian Rafson Pack Up + Go

Just Pack Up + Go!

Lillian Rafson is absolutely a Woman to Watch! I met this go-getter at Wanderfest earlier this year, and was so impressed by her brilliant business planning surprise vacations for groups, families, and individuals within the United States. Check out this blog for more of her amazing story of bootstrapping her

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Kristin Wilkinson Grateful Heart Home and Garden

Blogging with a Grateful Heart

Kristin Wilkinson and I were in a PEPS group together when our kiddos were infants 14 years ago! She recently reached out to see if she could use the carrot cake recipe I made for my son’s 1st birthday on her blog and of course, I agreed and asked her

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Lorelei Sowa - Women to Watch

Artist and Small Business Owner

I’m inspired by Lorelei Sowa and I think you will be too. She re-entered the art world after an almost 30-year hiatus and is creating an amazing business selling her fantastic paintings online. She’s figured out social media strategy, how to build a website, and how to sell online –

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Natalie Hurdley Personal Training

She Will Pump You Up!

Natalie Hurdley is the most awesome online personal trainer you can take to the gym with you in your pocket. She will teach you (on a video call!!) how to use weight machines, the right amount of weight and repetitions for you, as well as coach you on all other

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Ally Berthiaume from Write Place Right Time

Ghostwriter, writing guide, girlfriend

You guys are going to LOVE Ally Berthiaume – she dubs herself as a ghostwriter, writing guide, and girlfriend all rolled into one. She really connects with her clients and helps them write the book they were born to write. She’s approachable, relatable, and I want her to be my

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Matilde Melendez from Conquer Peru

Peru Anyone?

The minute you meet Matilde Melendez, you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever. She is warm and welcoming, friendly and fun, and you can truly understand why she owns a travel business. People will follow Matilde anywhere – especially to her home country of Peru. You can learn more about

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Nedra Rezinas Marketing

Marketing Strategy and Coaching – An Expert Pivot

Nedra Rezinas is another new hero of mine – an expert in many things and an authentic teacher and leader. We also happen to be in the same mastermind (shout out to Michelle DeNio and the Accelerated Business Alliance) and I’m looking forward to learning more from her in the

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Deanna Hinsz Digital Strategist

From Cake Pops to Digital Marketing Agency

Yay! Round 2 of the rockstar web designer series! I present to you another amazing mom who made it happen. Seriously, her story will inspire and I just added her walk on stage music to about 5 of my playlists. Deanna Hinsz has been helping small business owners with their

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Rita Suzanne Digital Marketing

Rockstar Mom & Digital Strategist

I’m excited about my next few posts – I’m featuring kickass web designers. Yep that’s right, my competition. Hardly. That’s an old way of thinking that I no longer subscribe to. The thing is, there is plenty of work for all of us, and we are each so different in

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Denise Mcgarry - Money Mindset Coach

With your mind on your money, and your money on your mind

This is an important one, people. Let’s talk about money. And pricing. And undercharging and undervaluing your services… Sound familiar? If so, you need to meet Denise Mcgarry. She is a money mindset coach and she would LOVE to help you shift those limiting beliefs around money, pricing, and value.

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Cory Ruedebusch - Web Designer from Meadowlark Consulting

Hi, I'm Cory

I am a web designer, tech consultant, and mid-life entrepreneur. I am passionate about lifting the voice, the impact, and the economic level of women entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Unless I tell you otherwise, these amazing women are not my clients! They are people I’ve met on my journey as I grow and evolve as a business owner. These women are bringing their expertise and passion bravely into the world, unapologetically showing up, doing the work, and living into their purpose while being their authentic selves. I hope you find some inspiration here. I know I have.

If you’re a small business owner or online service provider, now is your time to shine! Together we can elevate your online presence to be a magnet for your ideal clients. I’d absolutely love to learn more about you and your business. Want to grab a virtual coffee?

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